When you have shiny, fetish or BDSM related image needs, it's best to shoot with a photographer who shares your interests. Has a deep understanding of the world kink, over a decade of professional photographic experience & believes shoots should be fun for all. 

In select cities, wardrobe, styling & location assistance can also be requested under the expert eye of Miss Cybill Troy


While currently based in three fully equipped locations in the UK, Los Angeles, and New York City, our full range of on-site services are available worldwide. 

Contact Us below for all remote inquiries.


Kinky Bum's photographic services are available to all. Most importantly because you are reading this, they are very much available to you. 

With a client base that ranges from professional Dominatrixes, fetishists, adult performers, fellow kinksters through to those just curious or starting out in this shiny world, Kinky Bum can help you.

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For all inquiries, or to schedule your own shiny photoshoot, contact us here or email directly to OkKeepGoing@hotmail.com

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